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FiresideX is a magazine about using creativity to build outstanding, sustainable brands. ​It's deeply connected to the natural world. Our readers are wanderers, adventurers, creators, and the brands they love.​​​ FiresideX explores stories about creators and brands that are rewilding our world. It's about the struggle and the success. It's about learning from others. It's about the journey.

​The magazine is free in digital format.

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Fireside Meetups is a free group is for outdoorsy people and those looking for micro-adventures in the wild!

We run free walks, foraging/bushcraft trips and wild camping in the South West up to a 2 hour distance from Bristol/Bath.

Perfect for people with a reasonable fitness level who want to get out and explore, meet like-minded people and learn some new skills along the way.

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Read stories about adventures in the great outdoors, building a sustainable business and of course how to make the best campfire coffee!

Our stories section is our blog, encapsulating content from FiresideX magazine, what’s happening with Fireside Meetups and news and views from the roastery.

Grab a brew and have a read.

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New Meetup

Wild Camp at Cheddar Gorge!

We’re super excited to announce this wild camp and hiking adventure at Cheddar Gorge on Saturday 22nd May!

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Fireside Summit

The off-grid festival for brands and creators. Back in 2022!