Coffee Scoop | Measuring Spoon for Coffee, Hot Chocolate & Chai

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The Fireside Coffee Scoop is a perfectly-sized scoop for coffee, hot chocolate and chai. You just need one scoop per person, and you're all set! For coffee, a slightly heaped scoop holds around 15g of ground beans, which is the ideal amount for all our coffees, whatever coffee maker you're using. 


  • 12 x 5 cm
  • 2TBS; around 15g of ground coffee in a heaped spoon.

Why we love it

  • Perfect size for coffee, hot chocolates and chai
  • Fits snugly in our large tins and coffee bags
  • Made from stainless steel for long-lasting quality
  • Laser printed with the Fireside Brew Co logo
  • 100% reusable and recyclable; will last a lifetime