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About this coffee

Produced on a family-run farm in the Western Ghats region of India, using organic, biodynamic methods and Rainforest Alliance Certification. This coffee reflects the exceptional care that goes into production and land management and has subtle tasting notes of strawberries and ripe mango.

  • Country/Region - India, Western Ghats region
  • Variety - Cavery
  • Altitude - 1417m
  • Process - Red Honey

While a lot of coffee from India is super-strength but very rough Robusta variety, this is a rare exception of quality Arabica that will have you wanting more!

Limited Edition Coffees

Our limited edition coffees are specially sourced from micro lots of the finest coffees on Earth. These coffees change regularly so you experience the freshest seasonal brews from each region.

All Fireside Brew Co coffees are selected for their sustainable practices and fair trade ethics, as well as superior taste. Roasted to perfection in the West Country.

    Why you'll love Limited Edition coffees

    • Beautiful, regional coffees roasted to order
    • Regularly updated with new flavours from each country
    • Available in eco-friendly, 100% compostable coffee bags made from plants (even the valves and zipper!)